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Farming Project 

The PWF's Farming for Livelihood project is a unique social intervention that engages people living in rural communities to increase arable and livestock production through improved animal breeds, crop varieties and good farm management. The project is aimed at providing jobs and improving food security while reducing dependency on food aid


Build a School Project 

With many children from rural Ghana having to walk for several miles to get to school in neighbouring villages, we have identified two villages in Northern Ghana to build schools to cater for the community. Your donation will ensure that education is made accessible to the needy.

Animal Welfare 

Are you interested in volunteering or supporting us to advance animal welfare in Ghana? Due to the lack of animal welfare regulation in Ghana, the welfare of farm and companion animals are compromised. Please get in touch to support one of our animal welfare programmes in Ghana.


Sponsor a Child Project

Our 'Sponsor a Child Project' provides an opportunity for a donor to commit to sponsoring a child from his or her basic education until the child gets to university (or for an agreed number of years). Your donation will make education accessible to a child from a poor family who would otherwise not be able to stay in school. Your sponsor will provide uniforms, books and food for the child. You can make a one-off annual donation of £250 or spread it over 12 months.



Ghana Qurbani Project 

PWF is working with philanthropists and other charities to perform Qurbani on their behalf. This ensures that in addition to meeting the spiritual elements, the Qurbani meat is distributed to people who are unable to afford meat during Qurbani. The Ghana Qurbani Project model is built around good animal welfare, meat hygiene, and safety. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work with you to perform your Qurbani on your behalf.

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